The M.D.'s Surprise Family

Alone in the Dark

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Silhouette Special Edition® #1653
"The Bachelors of Blair Memoria" miniseries
December 2004
ISBN 0373246536

Dr. Peter Sullivan might be the only one who could save Raven Songbird's little brother, but who was going to ease the widowed neurosurgeon's secret sorrow? Raven figured she was more than up for the job.

The barefoot, black-haired beauty was a healer in sprite's clothing. Like a passionate force of nature, Raven swept into Peter's life, taking him by surprise and making the dazzled doctor long to believe in miracles again. He was quickly learning that with this remarkable woman anything was possible, including a brand-new family to call his own....

The Bachelors of Blair Memorial—born to heal, destined to fall in love!

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