The Measure of a Man

The Measure of a Man

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Silhouette Special Edition® #1706
"Most Likely to..." miniseries
September 2005
ISBN 0373247060

Where Are They Now?
Keeping Track of Notable Alumni

Jane Jackson
This quiet girl has battled loneliness since a car accident left her an orphan and an unhappy marriage left her alone with a small child. Now a devoted single mom and assistant to everyone's favorite English professor, Jane has no time for romance—not even with the boy, now man, she'd never been able to forget...

Smith Parker
Smith seemed to have it all: good looks, good grades and limitless opportunities. But when he was falsely accused of stealing, a much-needed scholarship evaporated along with his motivation—the college dropout became resigned to a life of menial jobs. Still the right woman might make him see that it's never too late to reclaim what might have been...

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