Mother In Training

Mother In Training

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Talk of the Neighborhood miniseries
Silhouette Special Edition® #1785
October 2006
ISBN 0373247850

Meticulous and by-the-book, corporate lawyer Jack Lever was used to order—not the disorder of two small children. When his babysitter abruptly quit, the single dad didn't know where to turn. He couldn't believe his good luck when Zooey Finnegan agreed to become his nanny.

Uninhibited and fun, Zooey was happy to take care of Jack's children instead of sitting behind a desk in her family's business. And to her surprise, Zooey soon loved the Levers like they were her own flesh and blood. It didn't take long for Jack's kids to fall hopelessly in love with her, either.

Their father could be a different story....

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