Her Sworn Protector

Her Sworn Protector

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The Doctors Pulaski #3 miniseries
Silhouette Romantic SuspenseŽ #1491
December 2007
ISBN 0373275617

He held her life in his hands...

Hardworking cardiologist Kady Pulaski was dedicated to healing people. Now a patient was dead...and her own life was on the line. One man could keep her safe. She knew him only as Byron, the handsome, enigmatic position only bodyguard sworn to protect her from a killer's vengeance. But once desire ignited, Kady faced a different kind of danger. With Kady the only witness to his employer's murder, Byron Kennedy wasn't taking any chances. Keeping the beautiful doctor alive was the ex-cop's first priority. Giving in to passion was a risk, but Byron knew he had to follow his heart no matter where it might lead.

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