Texas Rose

Texas Rose

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"Lone Star Country Club"
Silhouette Books
July 2002
ISBN 0373613539

LSCC Member: Urban cowboy Matt Carson

SOCIAL STATUS: Unencumbered bachelor
(But not for long . . .?)

METHOD OF SEDUCTION: Reigniting a forbidden flame with his smooth-talkin' charm and sizzling caresses.

Matt Carson was livid when Rose Wainwright inexplicably broke off their clandestine love affair and skipped town. Because of the longtime Carson-Wainwright family feud, he'd known that there would be Texas-size trouble if their secret tryst came to light. Apparently it had, because Rose's tyrannical daddy was on the warpath and Matt's beloved was on the lam. Driven by a code of honor -- and unquenched desire -- Matt traded in his saddle for a subway pass to reclaim his scandalized lady amid the bright lights of the Big Apple. But would his chivalrous crusade withstand a life-altering revelation . . . and their hell-raising families?

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