Starting from Scratch

Starting from Scratch

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Harlequin NEXT #17
November 2005
ISBN 0373880677

Meet the Editor... Elisha Reed loved working at her lucrative publishing house. On a daily basis, she wrestled with the literary world's divas and won. Her sterling reputation was the icing on the cake. Yes, Elisha knew the essential ingredients of life:

1. Remember the editor is always right
2. Know how to throw a party in fifteen minutes
3. Stay positive no matter what....

So when her world spun out of control, she had no choice but to attack life in a different way, using different ingredients. Suddenly with two cranky teenagers to care for and a take-no-prisoners author on her plate, Elisha couldn't disappear in the bliss of a triple-layer confection...unless she brought out several forks. She decided to start from scratch...and from here on in, it would be a piece of cake!

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