Doctor In The House

Doctor In The House

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Harlequin® NextTM
September 2007
ISBN 037388141X

Ivan Munro wanted to be feared, not loved...

But Bailey DelMonico, his new intern, is determined to prove she isn't afraid of him—and more. In her own way, Bailey is as brilliant as Ivan—and people like her. Having realized she wanted to be a surgeon after several failed life experiences, she deftly absorbs a barrage of criticism from Munro without ever losing faith in her dreams. Or her conviction to show Ivan that no life is set in stone...

But the more Munro fights against his intern's charm, the more cracks appear in his abrasive facade. Bailey soon sees that contrary to hospital gossip, Ivan has anything but a scalpel for a heart. Ever the optimist and always persistent, can Bailey now show Ivan that it's never too late to change...or fall in love?

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