Cavanaugh Pride

Cavanaugh Pride

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Cavanaugh Justice miniseries
Silhouette Romantic SuspenseŽ #1571
August 2009
ISBN-10: 0373276419
ISBN-13: 9780373276417

Julianne White Bear prided herself on never needing anyone. Ever since the detective teamed up with fellow cop Frank McIntyre, she found herself opening up. The proud, irresistible member of the Cavanaugh clan clearly didn't want her invading his territory. But both were helpless to resist their simmering attraction....

Frank needed to find out what drove the beautiful loner—it was obvious Julianne had a secret past. Now their hunt for a serial killer threatened her future. All Frank wanted was to keep Julianne safe. How could they predict the passion that swamped their senses, exposing them to feelings far more dangerous?

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