Becoming a Cavanaugh

Becoming a Cavanaugh

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Cavanaugh Justice miniseries
Silhouette® Romantic Suspense #1575
September 2009
ISBN-10: 0373276451
ISBN-13: 978-0373276455

Someone was murdering the city's elite, and anyone could be next. Assigned to the case was Detective Kyle O'Brien, whose new partner was the blond, blue-eyed Jaren Rosetti, as sunny as Kyle was dark. Not to mention too irresistible for her own good. But their growing attraction had to be pushed aside as the horrific killer swept through the urban landscape. Kyle knew he was falling hard for his obstinate partner, who had a will of her own. While they deciphered the psychopath's code, the killer prepared to strike again—this time dangerously close to home.

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