In Bed with the Badge

In Bed with the Badge

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Cavanaugh Justice miniseries
Silhouette® Romantic Suspense #1596
February 2010
ISBN-10: 0373276664
ISBN-13: 978-0373276660

Police officer Riley McIntyre is less than thrilled at being teamed with former academy classmate Sam Wyatt. They're assigned to solve a string of home invasions. The man is as mind-stoppingly handsome as he is irritating, sparking in Riley deliciously improper thoughts. But how can she possibly trust him on any level?

Sam's life has just been upended, the appearance of a six-year-old daughter he never knew about. Terrified of fatherhood, he turns to Riley for help with the sweet little girl. Before long, their days on the job end with nights of domestic bliss and insatiable passion. And when Riley's life is in jeopardy, Sam realizes how desperate he is to save her and his new family....

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