Twice a Hero, Always Her Man

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Matchmaking Mamas miniseries
HarlequinTM Special Edition #2522
January 2017
ISBN-10: 0373623216
ISBN-13: 978-0373623211

She’d stopped believing in happy endings…

Widowed TV reporter Ellie King had given up on looking for heroes ever since her beloved husband was killed in a robbery gone wrong. Because she could have used one then, but there was no one around—or was there?

…until a hero walked back into her life.

Detective Colin Benteen had been the first on the scene to comfort Ellie’s husband, to hold his hand when it was clear his wounds were fatal. Now, years later, Ellie is interviewing the handsome officer when she realizes who he is—a single parent (to his niece), all-around good guy and proof that once in a lifetime can happen twice! But Colin might not be the only one who needs convincing…

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