Dating for Two

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Matchmaking Mamas miniseries
HarlequinTM Special Edition #2342
July 2014
ISBN-10: 0373658249
ISBN-13: 978-0373658244

It’s all fun and games—until someone falls in love!

Focused on building her toy company, Erin O’Brien didn’t have time to think about romance, let alone act on it. Until she met handsome attorney Steve Kendall—and suddenly, pleasure became much more enticing than business! But she soon learned that the sexy lawyer had a second job—as a family man!

A widower, Steve was willing to do anything to reconnect with his son. And the school Career Day was a perfect opportunity...and a fateful one. A certain quirky blonde toy designer instantly won the students’ affection—and Steve’s interest. Soon he finds himself wanting only one special woman in his life. But is it for his son’s benefit, or to heal his own heart?

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